Even once in a lifetime, whether sitting on an online poker in the online casino at home or at a traditional casino, every poker player probably thought he or she would be a future Phil-Ivey. So what is the cause of this ridiculous confidence? In most of these cases, the problem is explained in that they capture better hands than usual.

Poker seems like a very simple game, if you are dealt As, Ks, Qs or some other nice hands in turn. But when the opposite happens, the poker gods send you cards that even the best players can't deceive or play decisively with you.

Most players think their reason for losing is due to a dead hand. This is not really pleasant, but you can still hide such situations for your benefit. Instead of sitting there complaining, moaning and stressed when you can't participate in a match to win money to play.

Why don't you try some other possibilities that can help you through this difficult time? Here's what you need to do when facing dead hands in poker games.


Always pay special attention to your game

For example, if you don't want to play a lot of cards, try to focus on what's happening on the table. Put all your energy into observing your opponents and their play patterns, in other words, observing everything that will benefit you in the future. golden dragon online fish table


Observe the opponent closest to your position

If you've decided to look at the table, focus your attention on the players closest to you - the two on the left and the two on the right. Why? Because the player on your left is the one who will blind when you are at the button, and conversely, when the blind comes before your turn the players on your right will be able to dominate you. Learn More: Tips To Avoid Losing Money When Playing Online Casino in Covid-19 Quarantine Period


Please use the image "solid as concrete"

Remember that your opponents do not know you own a pointless hand when you sit for a long time but still cannot have any good news. You can be sure that most of your opponents consider you to be a super solid player, so think about how to use this image.

Coldly performing 3-bet and 4-bet can apply immediately, and is understood as a show of your extraordinary strength. And finally, after an hour and a half you only need to do one thing: call cards. Look at the situation from many directions. If you see one of your competitors continually fold cards and suddenly raise bets, which one do you rate his card on? And exactly! Very strong!

Of course, this technique should not be abused, because one can expose the player to "solid as concrete" if they repeatedly respond with raise and re-raise.


 Look for favorable situations to bluff

There is another ability to overcome difficult times that is bluff. There is no need to be careful and choose the right situation to bluff, but here your solid player image needs to help you.

Have you ever seen pro players give up right now? Never! Instead, they find a situation to show their hands and they play not against cards, but against a specific opponent. Although such a game is not for the weak player, bluff is an integral part of poker and it must always be in your poker arsenal, if you want to move forward.


Waitting a most suitable time

If none of this sounds particularly appealing to you, you can read a book, browse a few of your favorite websites on the internet, and listen to music. Of course, in doing so, you will lose the opportunity to win chips, but on the contrary you do not have to stress and simply wait for difficult times to pass. After that, you can participate in games that bring more chances of winning.
Learn More : Tips To Avoid Losing Money When Playing Online Casino in Covid-19 Quarantine Period


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These are the things you need to remember to be able to act when you encounter a dead hand. Don't worry if you happen to encounter this type of post, just keep calm and apply the tips mentioned above, you will be able to easily overcome that difficult period. Good luck.!
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