Throughout the development of world football, there are many players who have ever worn the number 7. 

This can be said to be one of the lucky numbers because there have been many football players with the number 7 T-shirt having achieved much success in their career.
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So who do the top 7 best players include? This article will take you to the list of the best players in the world with the number 7.

1. Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the best and most outstanding number 7 players now belongs to player Cristiano Ronaldo. He came to M.U club in 2003 and was wearing the number 7 T-shirt that two famous players previously wore were Eric Cantona and David Beckham. He then moved to Real Madrid in 2009.

Throughout his career, he has delivered top notch performances. With his talent and skills in playing football, he quickly became the most famous star in world football history. The fans will definitely not be able to miss any match named Ronaldo because every game with his presence is a top game.

2.Raul Gonzalez

Former club striker Raul Gonzalez is considered the scariest No.7 player in football history. Because during his time playing for Real Madrid, he helped this club to reap many trophies. Specifically, 6 times to win La Liga, 3 times to the Champions League. For himself, he has a total of 550 appearances and scored a total of 323 goals. When mentioning the number 7 player, people will remember Raul Gonzalez - an excellent symbol of Royal Spanish Football.

3. Bastian Schweinsteiger

Midfielder Schweinsteiger is also a prominent player wearing No. 7. He is a reliable pillar of the Bayern Munich club and the German national team.

Throughout his career, he always completes tasks, supports the team in the best way and often makes the right decisions. Therefore, he has contributed greatly in helping Germany recruit the 4th world champion.

4. Midfielder Luis Figo

Midfielder Luis Figo became a football legend in the 1990s. He wore the No.7 shirt and has played for many different clubs like Barca, Real as well as Portugal.

According to football experts, he is an excellent midfielder, an ideal role model for young players. Now, when he left the field, midfielder Luis Figo has always been a big football star in the hearts of fans.

5. Franck Ribery

The French football star has been prominent and has been attracting attention since the 2006 World Cup. In that season, midfielder Franck Ribery had great performances. The Bayern club did not hesitate to spend 25 million euros to recruit him. In particular, in 2013, the No. 7 shirt player won the FIFA Player of the Year award.

6. David Beckham

David Beckham is a name that evokes a lot of emotions. Because he is one of the football legends of the world. He used to be a key player of MU club and achieved many successes. However, when he switched to playing for Real in 2003, he no longer had the opportunity to associate with the lucky number 7.

It can be said that he is a player who not only has good physical strength but also has the ability to create and take a free kick. Currently, he no longer plays, but people still refer to David Beckham as an admirable legend.

7. Eric Cantona

Cantona was one of the best strikers in the MU club in the 1990s. During his time playing for MU, he had a total of 143 appearances and scored 64 times. With his innate talent for playing football and his accomplishments, he was given the revered nickname "King Eric" by the fans to honor what he has dedicated to this club. Although currently no longer playing, Eric Cantona has always received reverence at Old Trafford stadium.

8. George Best

Continues to be an outstanding player that football fans cannot miss - George Best. Because he is a player who owns F1 speed every time he plays. In addition, he also possesses the technique of playing football, the ability to observe as well as the ability to score goals.

During 11 years of playing football, he has a total of 470 matches and scored 179 goals. However, he passed away at the age of 59 due to his alcoholism.


Above are the excellent players wearing the No. 7 T-shirt of world football. They are admirable football stars for young players to learn and follow. Hope the information in the article is useful for you. You can find other interesting information at the best online casino Singapore - BET88SG as well as participate in sports betting here. Have a nice day!